About us

Italian Tango Shoes originates from the fusion of two great passions: Argentinian Tango and femininity displayed through Tango shoes.

Our mission is to offer milongueras and milongueros all over the world a showcase of the best you can find about elegance, design, inspiration, high quality and comfort. In other words: Made in Italy.

At the same time we aim to support the best Italian craftsmen offering a commercial outlet onto the global tango scene.

Made in Italy footwear are famous for high quality materials, for the creativity of designers, the taste that characterizes Italian style and the undisputed skill of craftsmen who produce them.

On our website you can buy shoes for women and men in a wide range of models. Our showcase will be continuously growing and renewing, so that you will have the chance to fulfil the wish to possess something unique that meets your personal taste.

The possibility to choose a suitable foot width and among various heel heights, and the concomitance of special inserts that increase comfort and stability, make Italian Tango Shoes the perfect place where you can find what you have always wanted to wear in your favourite milonga.

Just start watching! ...and stay tuned! We have new ideas...