7th May 2020. WE ARE COMING BACK!

Dear Friends,
Italian Lockdown due to the Covid19 is finished for some companies.
Our manufacturers are re-opening their activities, so our production is going to turn back to normality. Maybe, some lates in the delivery can still occour because manufactures have to finish old orders, blocked for the closure period. 
We all know that in many places now milongas are closed but we hope to come back to our loved tango fastly. In this time we can dance at home, follow on-line lessons, and in some case attend private lessons.
Help tango to survive this difficult period, help also tango shoes producers like us :) After all, tango shoes and tango sneakers can be usefull also to dance at home, or many of them also as beautiful walking and wedding shoes.

11th March 2020. DELIVERY TIMES LONGER THAN USUAL due to the Coronavirus emergency in Italy 

Dear Friends, 
as you heard by TV and Newspapers, we in Italy have a severe diffusion of the new Coronavirus COVID-19. For this reason our Government is imposing strich rules to avoid further contaminations along our Country. These rules impose or suggest the closure of some companies and they regard also activities related to our manufactures/providers that realize our shoes.

The Italian Tango Shoes website will remain on-line, so you can order the shoes as usual and we still process the orders, 


- For "La rosa del tango" and "Embrace" tango shoes: We don't know WHEN we can deliver the ordered shoes. We suppose a possible late of about 20-30 days more respect the normal delivery times, but at the moment we can't assure that. 

- For "Schizzo" tango shoes: at the moment the production is regularly proceeding.

- The shoes showed in the OUTLET section can be delivered normally (and fastly) beacause they are in stock. 

We will post again in case of new updates.

We all hope that this grave sanitary emergency that is affecting Italy and many other Countries in the world will be solved as soon as possible and that we will be able to dance again our loved tango fastly